New Creative Series: "Movement"

I am excited to share with you a project I have been working on that is both important to me in life and creative. Movement in any form is arguably the best medicine, body and soul--am I right? The Movement series will focus on several forms of moment; yoga, dance, and fitness. These images are made to inspire, motivate, and to remind us all to take care of ourselves inside and out.

These photos were taken along the south side of San Juan Island, on a gloomy yet serene evening in March. My dear friend and fellow yoga enthusiast, Rhiannon, is featured in the first segment of Movement: Yoga.

Class of 2017...

Ok. HOW is it two weeks into December already? Its been since September that I have posted and time has flown by! 11 senior photo sessions, 2 family shoots and then 12 days traveling in Guatemala and Belize (I know, I am not complaining--but I am wishing I was back in the warm weather, not gonna lie.)

So without further ado, I give you my favorites from my many senior sessions this Fall! Every year, it is so much fun to get to know these young adults, on the cusp of the rest of their many bright minds and amazing plans for the future, I wish the class of 2017 all the best!

The coolest birthday party EVER!

There is no doubt in my mind that this 1 year old is cherished--look at that face! But seriously, knowing his parents, watching his genuine smile and wonder, this kid's first birthday is a celebration not of time, but love. Happy Birthday Cypress Kai!

The Reimer Family

I love reconnecting with people I haven't seen. Jill and I played in band together here in Friday Harbor, she the trumpet, me, the sax. Now, years later, I'm photographing her beautiful family!